Video Marketing is Powerful

16 Apr

Using animation in your content marketingCheck out the AMAZING videos below and see if they convey their intended message in a powerful marketing way. But, first let me introduce you to a powerful service to help get you in the video / animation marketing game.

Animation Services

I do quite a bit of marketing research and videos are the leading marketing tools.

Providing informative or entertaining videos is now the number one ‘conversion’ marketing strategy. As the saying goes, a picture tells a 1000 words, videos do the same. People love watching videos. And, as I just mentioned they have one of the best conversion rates of all the other marketing tools.

Why is this?

Well, primarily because people think in pictures. This makes videos highly effective.

The savvy marketing strategy is to have personalized videos promoting what you’re offering. Maybe a glimpse into a book you’ve written, a list of the services you offer, a demonstration of a product you have. People connect with videos, that’s what makes it such a great marketing tool.

So, what’s stopping you from jumping on the video bandwagon?

Most probably, the number one obstacle you’re facing is you don’t know how to create videos, let alone quality videos.

The next question is how do you easily learn to create quality videos that will definitely attract traffic and boost your conversion rates?

Okay, let me pause a moment.

In case you’re wondering, conversion is the ratio of people who visit your site compared to the number of visitors who actually buy from your site. Conversion is what ALL online marketers need to do to sell their books, services, or other products.

Getting a visitor to your site is less than half the battle. Getting that visitor to click on your BUY BUTTON is the trick. And, videos are a proven strategy to help in this area.

Back to the question of how do you learn to create your own videos. The answer: Animation Service.

You’ll get a personalized and engaging animation for your landing page, your sales page, your blog post, or other.

Animation is powerful and you can upload it to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or other site.

This is one product that has a higher value than cost: GET STARTED NOW!

See for yourself the value and marketing power of a video. The video below is for my WOW! Women on Writing e-class Create Your WordPress Website Today (No code, no technical stuff, no fuss):

If you’d like to build your own website or need to tweak / optimize and existing one, check out this class: